Become a Cashier

NEW!  BitTrade Bank has released a brand new cash distribution point system, whereby any user  can apply to become a cash distribution point, much like a digital, global exchange bureau. 

What is the cashier point system?

Essentially, the system allows any user to become a money in and out point, anywhere in the world.  Like an exchange bureau or remittance point, users can accept and distribute currency using  BitTrade Bank  as a transfer means, and a pin-based system for withdrawal.  Users can transfer funds across the globe from one cashier point to another, for a fraction of the price of traditional exchange systems.  

How does the cashier point system work?

Any account holder with level 2 security clearance or higher can request to become a cashier point.  Cashiers deposit funds onto the BitTrade Bank platform and are then able to accept and distribute funds from third parties to the value of the system balance.  Withdrawals are facilitated by a PIN system.  Cashiers can define their fee for the service and become a part of a global remittance network.


How to become a cashier?

1. Create an account or log-in to your white label account
2. Ensure you have level 2 clearance, or upload KYC documents to achieve level 2 clearance
3. From My Profile, check the box marked “Would you like to become a Cashier?” and send us a message
4. Wait for our approval
5. Once approved, set deposit and withdrawal limits
6. Deposit funds to platform and begin!

Why become a cashier point?

Whether you have an existing exchange and wish to add an additional service, have a currency exchange business or simply wish to supplement your income, becoming a part of a global remittance network is of potential benefit to the international digital currency community by reducing remittance fees and simplifying transfer procedures.  Cashiers can define their fees, helping travelers whilst earning money for their services.  The procedure is quick, simple and secure.